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Doo Sar. A Karakoram Ski Expedition

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Director: Jakub Gzela / POL / 2021 / 46 min /

Two peaks, two friends, and two ski descents. Andrzej Bargiel and Jędrek Baranowski roam through Karakoram to create their own history. This movie is a skiing journey told by friends, full of passion and love for high mountains and skiing over 6000 meters.

The Karakoram Ski Expedition aimed to climb and ski down two six-thousands – located in the Ghidims-Dur Valley, Yawash Sar II peak (6,178 m above sea level) Laila Peak (6,096 m above sea level) situated in the Hushe Valley. Both peaks are in the Pakistani Karakoram, the second largest mountain range after the Himalayas. The other goal of the expedition was to explore new areas in terms of potential goals of future travels. The journey was completed with double success. Both peaks were conquered just ten days apart and skied down.

The first of them – the virgin peak of Yawash Sar II was climbed by Andrzej Bargiel on April 30th, 2021, as the first man in history. After reaching the peak, Andrzej Bargiel skied down to the base. Although the assumption of this part of the expedition was only partially realized. Andrzej climbed the summit on his own while Jędrek Baranowski waited in the middle of the mountain height due to insufficient acclimatization. Skiing down a heavily icy summit cone was achieved with the help of ropes. The summit attack took place after less than one day at the base camp and the setting up an advanced base camp at the foot of the mountain.

The second – Laila Peak, was conquered jointly by Andrzej Bargiel and Jędrek Baranowski on May 10th, 2021, as the first Poles in history. Due to snow conditions and icing in the summit cone, skiing was not possible from the very peak. Therefore, they decided to leave the skis 150 meters below the summit, from where the ski descent to the base began.

This film is not only a story about mountain struggles. It is primarily a story of an adventure related to getting to know the local culture and meeting many interesting people, spending time together with friends during many hours of trekking.

Director – Jakub Gzela