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Director: Tomáš Galásek / CZ / 2023 / 36 min /

Masherbrum, although once called K1, is not the highest. It is hailed by locals as the Queen of the Mountains, perhaps because it is so inaccessible. While the world’s highest summit of Mt. Everest has been reached countless times, only four expeditions have ever climbed the extremely dangerous peak of Masherbrum, the last in 1985. 37 years later, a Czech expedition is attempting to conquer one of the most impressive mountains on the planet. Radoslav Groh, Marek Holecek and Tomas Petrecek want to climb a new alpine-style route on its west face. Will they succeed in captivating the Queen?

“Now the answer lies upon us, also in the stars, and who knows, perhaps a blessing must come from the royal court. The ball has begun, where we shall try to cheer, dance and soften the Queen. At the same time, we beg for indulgence that we intend to intrude into her presence, when our steps will be clumsy, lacking in elegance, ignorant of good manners or the ethics of the royal court. But a heart full of apprehension, also full of passion and determination to seek her favor. Keep your fingers crossed, there we go…” Marek Holecek, 7. 8. 2022, Karakoram

Director – Tomáš Galásek