HoryZonty Adventure Film Festival

Rules and conditions of the international film competition

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  1. We accept only documentaries, animated and experimental films focused on outdoor adventures, sports activities, travel, life in the mountains, meeting different cultures and protection of the environment.
  2. One filmmaker can send a maximum of 2 films. The duration of the film is not limited.
  3. We accept only films completed within the last 3 calendar years.
  4. If Slovak or Czech is not the original language of the film, all submitted foreign films must be accompanied by English subtitles in format „srt“.
  5. All filmmakers are responsible for sorting out the copyright on their own materials – music, graphic materials used in the film and are legally liable for the copyright infringement of third parties.
  6. Submitter agrees to send promotional materials – synopsys, poster, photographs of the film, trailer (optional), short information about the filmmaker. Everything can be uploaded within the FilmFreeway application. These materials remain in the festival archives and the organizer reserves the right to use them on its promotional materials and provide them to the media for the purpose of informing about the festival.
  7. Submission of films for the competition is possible from 01/04/2023 to 31/08/2023.
  8. By submitting the film via the online form on the FilmFreeWay portal, the filmmaker agrees with the conditions of the competition and with the processing of personal data (name, email and telephone number) for the purposes of the festival and also with the use of film fragments in promotional materials. HoryZonty Festival has the right to screen submitted films during the main festival event, touring events and online events.
  9. The selection committee will select films for the festival competition. Sending a film to the competition does not guarantee that the film will be shown at the festival. Filmmakers will be informed about the film selection by September 15, 2022.

Important dates and deadlines:

Opening dates for entry:  1.4.-31.8.2023

Entry deadline:  31.8.2023

Notification date:  15.09.2023

Film screening during the main event:  9.-11.11.2023

Announcement of all awarded  films  during the main event:  11.11.2023


Submit your film

You can submit documentaries, feature or animated films situated in an outdoor environment.